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Providing your RDA of the the best new music.

Shakey Times

Providing your RDA of the the best new music.
independent minds

The future credibility of Island Records rests with bands like this- Bombay Bicycle Club.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Jamie MacColl with lead singer Jack Steadman.

Bombay Bicycle Club's Jamie MacColl with lead singer Jack Steadman.


The graduation from indie boy scenester to credible musician can be an arduous process in which many fail, fall by the way side, only to be picked up by the nearest admin recruitment office who find them something painfully dull to do for the rest of their years.  No such a problem for Bombay Bicycle Club lead singer Jack Steadman though, as Shakey Times watch him slowly but (very) surely grow into his role of bona fide star front man.


The bands future however is now in the clutches of Island Records, a label which seems to fritter away far more talent than they do produce hit records these days. Sure, it’s easy to sell a few million copies of the next Amy Winehouse album, but albums like that sell themselves as though they were buckets of ice cold water in the desert.  


In recent years I’ve watched several friends careers evaporate into nothing more than the occasional name drop in Island marketing meetings; so I only hope the same doesn’t happen to BBC. Recent Island signings The King Blues, VV Brown, and Frankmusic suggest the Umm & Ahh (A&R) men at Island have been putting far many grams and hookers on expenses as usual. Have they actually listened to these ‘artists’?


Bombay Bicycle Club are the best signing to Island Records for a long while and have an overwhelming supply of both talent and ambition. It’s a saturated market, that ‘middle-road-wishy-washy-second-rate-i-could-write-that-whilst-scratching-my-arse indie music’ market. That’s why it comes as such a relief to see Bombay Bicycle Club continually to race in the opposite direction, to place where if there were any justice in the world, we’ll see BBC carry on being superbly creative whilst being able to shift the number of albums a band like this truly deserve to.


Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This   


Let’s Talk About Sexy Baby - Three amazing songs about sex you might not have heard.

For downloads please head to http://www.shakeytimes.wordpress.com

Jean-Pierre Mirouze – Sexopolis


Let’s kick things with a rare French treat. Jean-Pierre’s ‘Sexopolis’ is four minutes and forty two seconds of pure unadulterated summer lovin’. Written by the independent filmmaker who was a veteran of many Gainsbourg sessions, ‘Sexopolis’ was recorded in 1968 but still sounds as seductive as ever with its sun kissed organs and dramatic strings. Rare groove never sounded so good.




Hot 8 Brass Band – Sexual Healing


Ok, so this one’s not so much sexy as it is clumsy, sounding a bit like the soundtrack to a teenage boy fumbling around with bra straps. Still, it’s an extremely clever and hugely entertaining cover of the Marvin Gaye classic originally recorded in 1982 to feature on the seminal album ‘Midnight Love’. One for the eternal fluorescent adolescents we suppose.


Betty Davis – Anti Love Song


Warning: this Betty Davis track may induce extreme sexual frustration. To our knowledge, never has a woman sounded so genuinely pent up with sexual desire on record. It’s no surprise that Miles Davis second wife managed to seduce so-so guitarist Jimi Hendrix, and with lyrics like this, we reckon she could probably just about seduce any red blooded man on the planet. We salute you Betty.


Modest Mouse & Heath Ledger.

Posted by Shakey Times
  • Wednesday, 18 March 2009 at 01:03 pm

Modest Mouse & Heath Ledger.



Modest Mouse are getting ready to release a music video directed by the late Heath Ledger. The video for ‘King Rat’, a bonus track from their 2007 album ‘We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank’, was directed by Ledger after the actor randomly met front man Isaac Brock in Australia.


Speaking to VH1 in 2007, Brock explained the original meeting between the two. “Heath and I have a mutual friend and when we were in Australia, my fiancé and some of us in the band went out on a boat with him and his family and friends and talked about the idea. The idea sort of dropped, but then he just sent me an email saying that he wanted to do it.”


The actor also directed music videos for the late Nick Drake, which was shown at a tribute to the musician, and N’fa. See http://www.shakeytimes.wordpress.com for video.


The video, which features animation from Terry Gilliam, doesn’t have a scheduled release date yet, but fans have been told to expect to see it in the near future.



Mr Fab Moretti last year joined forces with Brazilian musician Rodrigo Amarante and diminutive vocalist Binki Shapiro and, together, the trio masterfully morphed together a sound as if The Strokes had decamped to a beach in Rio. By creating a tastefully concocted cocktail of sunny guitar, breezy harmonies and wistful lyrics, Little Joy have succeeded in creating one of the most heart warming albums Shakey Times has heard in months.


As a general rule, the side projects of ailing indie bands are best given a wide berth. But when Fabrizio Moretti, drummer with the Strokes, released his first record last November with Little Joy, it proved exactly that: an unassuming little charmer that swapped tight-trousered ennui for a loose-fitting, tropicalia-tinged sound. Far better than his Strokes counterparts solo outings, Little Joy’s s/t debut is as close to summer love some of us will probably get to in the next few months. So for that reason, if no other, go out and bag yourself a copy of this little diamond as soon as you can.


Little Joy – Brand New Start





Stop Press: We're in Love!

Posted by Shakey Times
  • Thursday, 12 March 2009 at 12:46 pm


                                              With this! 




Move over Annie! Our affections have been rerouted. Penelope (there is of course no need for a surname when you look and sound as good as this) fronts The Golden Filter, a band who make sexy-chic modern electro disco. Not pioneering but nonetheless massively addictive. Head over to their myspace and indulge yourself in the honey soaked Favourite Things, or our personal favourite Moonlight Fantasy – you won’t regret it.



On the road: The Jack Kerouac conference, Sam Charters lecture, Jack and jazz, July, 1982.

Sam Charters lecture on Jack Kerouac and jazz at the Jack Kerouac conference is simply fascinating. Not big Jazz aficionados ourselves, the lecture includes discussions on jazz of the Beat generation, be-bop, Thelonius Monk, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and a recording of Kerouac and Steve Allen reading “Mexico City blues.” And it all makes sense, even to our untrained ears.



 Recorded in 1982, and coming straight from The Naropa University Archive Project, the NUAP is a collection representing several generations of artists who have contributed to aesthetic and cultural change in the postmodern era. The Naropa University Archive Project seeks to enhance appreciation and understanding of post-World War II American literature and its role in social change, cultural criticism, and the literary arts through widespread dissemination of the actual voices of the poets and writers of this period. Shakey Time’s felt as though they’d been given a very very early Christmas present on discovering all this was free too.

Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac




If you like Kerouac or Jazz, you’ll fall over backwards when you realise just how good this talk is. If you don’t like either, you’ll still probably have to take a take a moment afterwards. Genius.




The Juan MacLean or simply John MacLean to his good friends at Shakey Times has a new album due to hit stores on 14th April. It’s been nearly four years since The Juan Macleanjungled congo rhythms and signature James Murphy production. released his scintillating debut ‘Less Than Human’, and we were just beginning to think he wasn’t coming back. Thankfully ‘The Future Will Come’ which will be released on DFA Records is nothing less than a superb mix of throbbing synths,


“At this point, it seems like drugs are an inherent part of dance music culture. I am not anti-drug in any way, but this is sad to me, because it immediately adds an air of illegitimacy to dance music” Said Maclean in a recent interview. We couldn’t agree more, but luckily for us ‘The Future Will Come’ is one of those rare records that actually makes you feel as though you’re on drugs without ingesting anything.



With a certain intelligence and incisiveness, The Juan Maclean have cemented their place in the modern electronic landscape- not only by producing a cohesive gem of a record, but also by doing so in the same time his contemporaries have failed to come anywhere close to Johns stupidly high standards.   


The Juan Maclean – The Future Will Come

The Juan Maclean – Accusations


independent minds

These guys will be darlings of the music press in NO time.

Posted by Shakey Times
  • Friday, 27 February 2009 at 10:11 am

Evoking the hipster in all of us New Villager are an odd mix of sophisticated elecro pop and the kookiest nu-wave of indie rock. A sure fire recipe that Shakey Times reckons will make them darlings of the music press in no time. Ben Bromley & Ross Simonini who hail from Forestville California and Brooklyn New York respectively are both multi-instrumentalists who like to experiment, but thankfully for us clearly still have their pop sensibilities firmly in tact. If you’re anything like us you’ll be humming ‘New Doors’ for most of the day after you hear it. It’s a good’n.

 New Villager – New Doors




'NEW' Fleet Foxes

Posted by Shakey Times
  • Wednesday, 25 February 2009 at 02:32 pm

Fleet Foxes

We stumbled across this alternate version of Fleet Foxes ‘Mykonos’ today. It’s chunkier than the original and includes the lines ‘loving everybody who, doesn’t know a thing about you’ as well as added ‘whoa o whoa’s. Bonus.


A stunning song by a stunning band.


Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Alternate version)  DOWNLOAD @ HTTP://WWW.SHAKEYTIMES.WORDPRESS.COM



independent minds

The Sexiest Voice In Music’ Award

Posted by Shakey Times
  • Wednesday, 25 February 2009 at 11:22 am

‘The Sexiest Voice In Music’ Award

‘The Sexiest Voice In Music’ Award has this year been given to the delectable Victoria Legrand, of magical two piece from Baltimore Maryland, Beach House.


Celebrating with Shakey Times at the after show, she credited the “massively influential blog” (that’s us) as being a “massive help to both her and Beach House over the years”.


“Yeah, I mean, Shakey Times is just blowing up in the States right now. I overheard Winona Ryder telling Beck about it just the other day in L.A ” Ohhh stop it! Your making us blush.


Congratulations to Victoria Legrand once again,

A truly deserved winner of the eighth most important award in music today.


Beach House – Gila

Beach House – Turtle Island